Benefits of membership of the Nigerian Society Of Anaesthetists

The Nigerian Society of Anaesthetists (NSA) is an association of Anaesthetists from all states in Nigeria with the aim of the development and advancement of all aspects of the specialty of anaesthesia in Nigeria.

The society in pursuing the above aim has the following objectives:

1. Maintaining a high professional standard in the practice of Anaesthesia and in the case of critically ill patients.

2. Support training programmes and updates in anaesthesia.

3.Maintaining high professional ethics and discipline among practicing anaesthetists.

4. Promoting the awareness of the practice of anaesthesia in the Nigerian Society.

5. Seeking to consolidate and protect the specialty of anaesthesia in Nigeria.

6. Cooperating with professional and scientific organisations with similar aspirations to those of the specialty and engaging in such other activities to ensure the furtherance of the aims and objectives enumerated above.

Eligibility Criteria:

Every qualified medical doctor registered with the MDCN, member of NMA and training or practicing as a Physician Anaesthetist, in any part of Nigeria is eligible to become a member of NSA.

The NSA will be inducting new members, newly qualified Diplomates, Members of WACS and Fellows. There will also be induction of State branches, Zonal Representatives, Members of Adhoc Committees and Sub-Committee and other Nominees and at the 27th Annual Scientific Conference and General Meeting of NSA Scheduled to take place in November 2019 in Uyo, Akwa Ibom State.

There are many benefits members derive from the NSA. Some of them are listed below:

1. Attendance of NSA conference grants you access to various workshops like CPR course which is now part of requirements of WACS and National College DA, Membership, Part1 and Fellowship examinations. As a member you can easily fulfil these requirements.

2. Another benefit is the opportunity to enjoy networking and mentorship. As a member, you are in the unique position to attend conventions, seminars, award dinners, and other related events with like-minded professionals in the field. These events are attended by distinguished and revered elders and icons of Anaesthesiology and are a hotbed of ideas and collaborative efforts. These elders and senior colleagues in Anaesthesia also provide mentorship for upcoming Anaesthetists.

You have an incredible opportunity to meet and network with the largest gathering of your peers during the year. Networking with professionals outside your place of employment can give you a broader perspective of your specialty and healthcare in general. Listening to the experiences of others may even leave you energised and refreshed with the feeling of not being alone in the quest to promote the specialty. CME points are also obtained which is a requirement for the annual practising registration.

3 Education: Anaesthesia is rapidly changing and in the NSA you have access to information on global issues through our social media platforms.You also have access to the WFSA fellowships. This has led to better practice by these individuals trained in their various subspecialties.

4. As a member, you can help to organise annual meetings, workshops, CME courses, and legislative committees. This grants you the opportunity to acquire organisational skills improving your professional value, while helping to improve the overall state of healthcare in Nigeria.

4. In the NSA, members are entitled to special welfare packages. Deliberations are ongoing to create a very robust package for members.The welfare team is set to ensure all members have a sense of belonging.

5. With the introduction of subspecialties in the NMA/ NEC, opportunities now exist for members of the NSA to have a voice in the general state of affairs in the health sector and policy making. Recently NSA was engaged in making a draft regarding anaesthesia service charges for physician Anaesthetists and members had opportunity to contribute.

6. NSA is a great place to find the latest jobs in anaesthesia. Information on job openings are always disseminated on the platforms. Hence, our social media platforms are a source of current job opportunities.

7. Access to international conferences : many members of NSA have enjoyed scholarship grants to attend international conferences, thereby projecting the association. Members have gotten visas to countries they never expected to visit. The WFSA has given many eligible scholars sponsorships on recommendation of the NSA.

Categories of membership:

(a) Full membership: this is open to all practicing anaesthethists with a minimum of Diploma Certificate in Anaesthesia.

(b) Associate Membership: this is open to all residents or medical doctors training in anaesthesia.

(c) Honorary membership: honorary membership of the society to be conferred by the National body(General meeting) on recommendation of the executive councils(state representatives) on persons, or organizations who have made outstanding contributions to the advancement of Anaesthesia.


Membership Fee...........N5,000

Annual due............N10,000

This can be paid into the account below:

Account name: Nigerian Society of Anaesthetists

Account number:0236648291.

Bank: Guaranty Trust Bank(GTB) PLC.

Note: All evidence of payment should be sent to the NSA Treasurer: Dr Morayo Salawu,, 08099391901. And copy the Assistant Secretary: Dr Nkechi Okojie,, 08156949546.

NSA Executive members (2018-2020)